Marketing strategy

Why you need a marketing strategy

If you focus on the possibilities and challenges of your R&D rather than on end users’ priorities, you may end up pushing people to buy a product or service they don’t want.

To create the right product or service, at the right time, place and price, and ensure that the right people know about it, you need a considered marketing strategy based on verified data.

Developing your strategy

Our marketing experts are STEM-educated and highly experienced in launching innovations that disrupt markets. We love working on the cutting edge of ideas and technology and we take a scientific approach to strategy.

We provide support and training for researchers and innovators to develop evidence-based strategies with end users in mind, and ensure this guides their R&D and all other marketing activities.

We can conduct market research to identify customer needs, potential partners, prime market segments, and the most cost-effective communication channels to reach them.

On this basis, we’ll help you develop compelling value propositions to motivate investors and customers, and a delivery plan to ensure these messages hit the targets with maximum impact. And as your business evolves, we can find new opportunities and refine your marketing tactics.

Implementing your strategy

To convey your unique story and value propositions and build your brand, audience and influence, we produce engaging marketing collateral for print and digital media.

Our creative team does it all: websites and digital marketing, media and PR, copywriting and graphic design.

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