Our team

Our team is highly qualified, experienced, skilled and efficient. We come from diverse technical and commercial backgrounds but share a can-do attitude and a commitment to high quality work that frequently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

We’ll fill your temporary or long-term resource gaps, scaling our project team to match your needs and budget. We never over-service. The joy of our flexible approach? If you like, you can access the expertise of our entire team for the cost of a single employee!

Natalie Chapman
Managing Director
Warren Bradey
Senior Commercialisation Manager
Klaus Krauter
Senior Commercialisation Manager
David Lind
Senior Commercialisation Manager
Sam Dymond
Commercialisation Specialist
James Dalton
Commercialisation Manager
Tim Highley
Digital Marketing Manager
Ernestine Lavalle
Media Specialist
Jessica Simpson
Operations & Resourcing Manager
Russell Baker
Communications Specialist
Dr Ellen Gregory
Communications Specialist
Dr Richard Musgrove
Communications Specialist
Emma Berthold
Communications Specialist
Yvette Hlavaty
Technology and Market Assessor
Natalie Birch
Graphic Designer
Vesna Todorovski 
Communications Specialist
Kaz Getts
Technical Specialist

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