Grant writing & investor pitches

Winning hearts, minds, grants and investment

Against intense competition, our track record is hard to beat: since 2011, we’ve produced compelling grant applications and investment proposals to secure more than $250M for our clients.

This funding has empowered research organisations and innovative businesses to progress R&D, build business capability and capacity, and take new knowledge and technology to local and global markets.

Our commercialisation experts, grant writers and communication designers offer services to suit your circumstances and budget. We can start by helping you to develop a staged funding strategy and/or comprehensive business plan, based on hard evidence for market demand.

Selling your story

To perfect your investor pitch, we offer copywriting and graphic design to polish your slide deck, plus presentation mentoring, if required.

We provide the following levels of support for grant applications:

Level 1: guidance

Meet via video conference or telephone with one of our specialists to discuss your specific questions and concerns.

Level 2: review your application

One of our specialists will review your application draft and provide specific advice on improvements.

Level 3: Write your application

Our team will write your grant application based on information provided by you. For major grant rounds, our services are in demand, so get in early.

DIY with our handy resources

Search our databases of grants and investors to improve your chances of winning a grant. We can also provide handy downloadable resources packed with expert tips and techniques to help you prepare your own application.

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