IP Strategy

Why you need an IP strategy

Have you invented or created something novel?

Want to protect your ownership rights, secure your competitive advantage, and license, sell, or commercialise your intellectual property (IP)?

There are many ways to safeguard your IP and a patent may not be a realistic option or the smartest choice. In fact, most patents never recoup the cost of filing them.

Patent attorneys know their core business but may lack the broader commercial experience needed to determine the best IP strategy for your circumstances, market and business plan.

To avoid wasting time and money, consult our IP commercialisation experts to see the bigger picture.

Start your IP strategy

We help research organisations and innovative businesses of every scale to develop and implement high-level and/or invention-specific IP strategies.

We audit IP portfolios to identify opportunities and priorities. If you haven’t resolved them, we can guide you through the following, critical issues:

  • IP definition: Exactly what is your IP? What makes your innovation novel?
  • IP ownership: Who has the right to use the IP? Is the ownership ‘clean’ (uncomplicated)?
  • IP disclosure: Has your IP been made public in any way? Disclosure prior to application for legal protection rules that out.
  • IP validation: Is your IP worth protecting? We can evaluate its technical and commercial feasibility.

A customised IP management plan

If commercialisation is feasible, we’ll advise on the best IP strategy to minimise your risks and costs while addressing other issues – such as researchers’ need to publish.

We’ll produce a comprehensive, succinct and readable strategy document, providing a clear action plan.

If this includes legal protection of your brand, design, invention or its application, and registration of your rights is required, we’ll recommend an attorney to complete the paperwork. As new markets open, or you improve your invention, we can monitor and update your strategy, to ensure you reap the full reward for your innovation.

We also assist with IP strategy implementation by processing invention disclosures and conducting market assessments to support tech transfer teams.