The commercialisation pathway

From innovation to impact & income

Commercialisation is the process of bringing new products or services to market. Finding your optimal commercialisation pathway requires a broad skillset including technical, legal, business and marketing capabilities.

We’ve advised and supported many innovators on this difficult journey. There are always bumps and wiggles but remembering your preferred destination will help keep you on track.

Major commercialisation milestones

Note that the final pathway is dependent on the market, the technology and the team creating the IP.

Get up and take off

A start-up is an early-stage business based on intellectual property (IP), with high potential for growth. A spin off is a start-up that has separated from a parent company or research organisation in which its IP was generated.

You’ll probably need to partner up at some point to complete your commercialisation journey successfully. Scale up is the next stage, when you strengthen your competitive advantage and revenue streams to grow your business value.

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Wherever you’re headed, if you want an expert guide or assistance with finding partners or funding for your journey, please get in touch.