Who needs a copywriter?

Anyone can write, right? Just like anyone can do their own plumbing or dentistry!

It’s true, anyone can add text to a website, post on social or even write a grant application.

But will it engage or motivate anyone?

Our skilled copywriters not only grab and hold the target audience’s attention but also change their thinking and behaviour.

Good copywriters have specialised training and years of experience, so they write clearly and succinctly.

Great copywriters like ours also have exceptional creativity and empathy, so they write persuasively to win hearts and minds… and grants!

How our copywriters work

Our writers are not ‘just’ writers. They’re also educated and experienced in STEM and/or business, so they’re primed to translate complex technical or commercial information into compelling copy for any audience.

First, we’ll co-design a brief, including your target audience, communication medium, and objectives. To match your budget, gemaker offers flexible support.

Our writers can:

  • read your draft and provide advice on improvements, and/or
  • write or edit a specific section of text that you’re struggling with, or
  • develop the entire project.

Our writers will need input, so they might interview you, read relevant materials you supply, and/or do some web-based research.

Based on this, they will swiftly provide a draft for you to review. We’re confident you’ll be impressed, but don’t hesitate to request amendments: our quotes always include revisions.

Who we've helped

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