Commercialisation strategy

Why you need a commercialisation strategy

The commercialisation pathway is complex, and most ventures fail in the ‘valley of death’ – the gap between innovation and revenue. To avoid becoming a statistic, you need a detailed, affordable, and effective strategy for success, based on commercialisation expertise and hard evidence.

Our senior team includes former commercialisation leaders from universities, CRCs, industry, government, and private investment entities. Averaging 20+ years’ commercialisation experience, we have produced customised, high-impact strategies for research organisations and businesses at every scale and stage, across diverse sectors.

Large organisations

For universities, research institutes and large corporations we collaborate on high-level, long-term strategies to help define R&D commercialisation objectives, frameworks, key alliances and intended outcomes for the entire organisation.

We’ll investigate your R&D commercialisation vision, strengths, structures and processes through interviews or workshops with relevant members of your executive, research leaders, and tech transfer staff.

We’ll also audit your IP portfolio and industry engagement. Combining this data with market research, we’ll determine key opportunities and means for amplifying and accelerating your commercialisation.

We’ll lay out our findings and prioritise strategic responses in a substantial, practical report with clear directives for cost-effective implementation.

We can also provide specific recommendations for IP management, funding strategy, strategic partnerships and risk management as required.

Smaller groups and businesses

We can apply laser focus to a single innovation, research group, or small business, and co-design a specific commercialisation strategy to suit your budget, circumstances and goals.

If you have a great idea or invention, your best strategy might be to:

  • sell or license your intellectual property (IP) to a commercial entity, or
  • commercialise it yourself, and
  • work within an existing entity, or
  • establish a spin-off or start-up, or
  • undertake a merger, acquisition or joint venture.

Our team members with specific expertise in your sector will meet with you to discuss your innovation and any steps you’ve taken to commercialise it. We’ll ask incisive questions and collect all necessary data to develop deep understanding of your capabilities and market.

We’ll produce a comprehensive, succinct and readable strategy document, providing a clear action plan with risk mitigations and flexibility to respond to market fluctuations.

To fund your commercialisation journey, we can also assist with grant writing and investor pitches.

We’ll help you determine your fastest route through the valley of death and choose the right commercialisation vehicle to reach revenue and growth.

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