Risk Management

Risky business

Innovation commercialisation is a gamble ­– you’re attempting something no one’s done before – but risk management reduces the likelihood of losing your shirt, house, or business.

Crossing the Valley of Death is often perilous, but continuing business as usual in a rapidly changing world may be even riskier.

Innovators need to be brave and be prepared. Sources of risk to your venture may include political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental forces, as well as deliberate competitor attack and failures or accidents within your organisation.

These may threaten your safety, security, reputation, or financial success. The probability and potential impact of each risk is different and varies over time.

Risk takers need expert risk mitigators

You’ll need an evidence-based plan for proportional, timely, effective, and affordable responses, because even unlikely events occur sometimes.

Our risk experts can help you anticipate and avoid or mitigate pitfalls and setbacks by:

  • auditing your risks and evaluating mitigation strategies and tactics
  • developing a customised, prioritised risk matrix with clear actions and allocated responsibilities
  • monitoring for emerging risks as your project or business evolves
  • reviewing and updating risk models to maintain optimal outcomes.

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