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A vital role for SBIR in Australia’s future-making
18 July, 2024

In an era where innovation drives economic growth and technological advancement, Australia faces a critical opportunity...

Time for a rethink on government tenders and SMEs 
22 May, 2024

Winning a government tender can be life-changing for an Australian small business. But a perfect...

Australia’s 2024-25 innovation budget puts ARENA in the limelight and another R&D review on the table
20 May, 2024

It was pleasing to see that the Federal Government’s 2024-25 budget has acknowledged the importance...

The Unspoken Challenge: Menopause in the Workplace
29 April, 2024

As I reflect on my journey through menopause and its impact on my professional life,...

Australia unveils A$1.5bn medical manufacturing plan
18 April, 2024

Australia’s National Reconstruction Fund will pour A$1.5 billion into medical manufacturing in a bid to...

Four Aussie startups that raised $29 million this week
7 March, 2024

Jupiter Ionics raised $9 million in Series A funding for their electrolytic cell technology to...

Smart Company
Jupiter Ionics
Natalie Chapman joins the TechTransferTalk podcast
1 March, 2024

gemaker Managing Director Natalie Chapman joined the TechTransferTalk podcast recently to discuss the current challenges...

Industry Growth Program launched
1 December, 2023

This week, the Australian Government launched the highly anticipated $392M Industry Growth Program, designed to...

It’s time to call in the (technology transfer) professionals
26 November, 2023

Natalie Chapman and Warren Bradey discuss the important role of Technology Transfer Professionals (TTPs) in...

Don’t take grants for granted!
5 November, 2023

You may be thinking, I don’t have time to work on grant applications because I’m...

Playing on clay courts, a tip for rare earth mineral investors
27 September, 2023

gemaker MD, Natalie Chapman discussed the complex factors involved with investing into critical minerals and...

Universities need to get ‘strategic’ about strategic partnerships
1 September, 2023

It may sound like stating the obvious but strategic partnerships are meant to be ‘strategic’. ...

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26 May 2022
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28 March 2022
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19 October 2021
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