Don’t take grants for granted!
5 November, 2023

You may be thinking, I don’t have time to work on grant applications because I’m...

Universities need to get ‘strategic’ about strategic partnerships
1 September, 2023

It may sound like stating the obvious but strategic partnerships are meant to be ‘strategic’. ...

Gemaker’s Response to the Industry Growth Program Discussion Paper
5 August, 2023

gemaker welcomes the opportunity to participate in the consultation on the Industry Growth Program. gemaker...

The rise of AI: Navigating the second industrial revolution
30 May, 2023

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about a paradigm shift, transforming industries and...

Breaking barriers: Why the traditional image of a female STEM professional needs to be redefined
9 March, 2023

When most people think of a woman in STEM, they probably picture someone with a...

10+1: Celebrating in person with cupcakes
28 November, 2022

It’s been a strange few roller coaster years. Lockdowns, uncertainty, Covid fatigue. When was it...

Does my business really need professional photos?
24 November, 2022

With smartphones now offering a suite of “high quality” cameras, filters and editing options, many...

Survey of Australian Commercialisation Outcomes identifies a history of successes
14 September, 2022

Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) has released its third edition of the Survey of Commercialisation Outcomes...

Australian research returns value six-fold
14 September, 2022

In her Keynote address at the recent Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia 2022 Conference (KCA), Professor Margaret...

Planning for CRC Life
30 July, 2022

It’s exciting pulling together partners for CRC bids. To build a successful CRC, many actions...

High-performance computing: a cost-effective, secure, green, Australian alternative
26 June, 2022

High-performance computing (HPC) accelerates data-intensive research, commercialisation and careers, but Australians have limited access to...

NSW Government 2022-23 Budget – Innovation Initiatives
22 June, 2022

After the recent release of the ambitious NSW 20-year R&D Roadmap, it has followed this...

Our submissions

26 May 2022
gemaker’s submission for the Research Block Grant Reform Framework
28 March 2022
gemaker’s submission to the Productivity Commission’s 5-yearly Inquiry into Australia’s Productivity Performance
19 October 2021
gemaker’s submission for The Higher Education Research Commercialisation IP Framework

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