Tech transfer support

Why your tech transfer office (TTO) might need support

Commercialising new ideas and technology is hard, especially when your tech transfer team lacks critical skills or specific industry experience, and your budget is limited.

We understand that research organisations are frequently under-resourced for tech transfer, so gemaker offers cost-effective assistance.

We’ve helped dozens of universities, research institutes and spin-offs to accelerate their commercialisation, earning a reputation for client-focus, efficiency and impact.

We can help set up and restructure your commercialisation office by establishing a commercialisation framework and industry engagement strategy whilst assisting in the recruitment of key roles and keeping your innovation pipeline moving.

Our hybrid model can also enable your TTO to broaden their capability and capacity to support their researchers, and scale up or down with industry specialists as demand occurs.

Access our experts flexibly

Compared to staff recruitment, salary and on-costs, you’ll get much bigger ‘bang for your buck’ from gemaker. To suit your budget, we offer flexible access to our team of commercialisation and marketing experts with extensive networks and decades of experience across diverse sectors.

We fill resource gaps quickly and seamlessly, working as part of your team to assist with strategic advice and hands-on services for innovators at any stage, as your needs dictate.

We also provide training, coaching and mentoring  for tech transfer staff and researchers to build their capabilities in industry engagement and commercialisation ­– a wise investment.

We can help at every stage


We'll help you build strong foundations with robust innovation frameworks, policies and procedures, and assist with every aspect of set up including recruiting and training staff.

Operational support

If you’re short-staffed or want to expand your capabilities & industry networks, we can integrate with your team to assist with invention disclosures and provide advice on IP strategy, develop commercialisation & funding strategies.

Specialised services

To take your TTO and spin-offs to the next level, we can mentor your team, write and review grant applications, and provide full marketing & commercialisation support to your spin-off entities.

To discuss these or other specific services in more detail, please get in touch.

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