Market research, idea validation & business cases

Is your idea technically and commercially viable?

Market research and idea validation are essential steps in early commercialisation.

Before you spend – and perhaps waste – lots of time and money developing your concept or technology, you should find out if anyone really wants it! Early engagement with end users will guide your R&D in the right direction from the start.

You’ll need a business case based on hard evidence of market demand and technical capability to satisfy criteria for grants or investment.

Essential information about your customers and competitors

Our expert technology and market assessors can help you supply the necessary information and figures for a grant application or investment pitch:

  • How do you know that your innovation solves a real customer problem or need?
  • What alternative solutions exist, and how is yours different and better?
  • Can you prove that your innovation is ready for market i.e., there are no technical compatibility or regulatory issues?
  • How many people need your product or service, how much are they willing to pay for it, and will that support a viable business?
  • Which is your easiest or most valuable market? Are these the same or which should you target first?
  • Are there market influencers you should work with and if so, how can you win them over?

How we find and present the answers

We can:

  • match the scope and method of our research to your information gaps and budget
  • undertake web-based research, a literature review, a quick patent search for prior art, and/or interviews with industry experts, influencers and end users as appropriate.
  • explain our findings in a comprehensive, succinct and readable report ­– a sound basis for your commercialisation strategy and funding approach.
  • help you to develop a clear and compelling business case for internal/external stakeholders and funders.

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