Strategic partnerships & warm introductions

Why partnering up makes sense

Increasingly, research is valued by its real-world impact, which can be accelerated and amplified by strong, strategic partnerships between research organisations and end users in industry and other sectors.

For businesses, governments and communities, researchers can solve technical, economic, social and environmental problems through knowledge and technology transfer.

For research organisations, strategic partnerships can bring additional funding, new avenues for research, collaborators with complementary expertise, opportunities for IP commercialisation, career development for staff and students, and enhanced reputation.

It’s about who you know...

We’ll leverage our extensive networks across diverse sectors to locate your optimal partners and make warm introductions.

We regularly collaborate with decision-makers in:

  • universities, research institutes & CRCs
  • start-ups, SMEs, corporations & industry associations
  • government departments & agencies
  • investment companies & groups
  • non-profits & community organisations

... and how you engage with them

Research organisations

For research organisations, we develop customised strategies with practical action plans to:

  • identify industry, government and community needs and design research to meet them
  • find, evaluate, and prioritise potential partners
  • initiate engagement and demonstrate the value of your capabilities and research outcomes
  • negotiate collaborations with cultural sensitivity and clear, professional communications
  • manage partner expectations to build sustainable relationships based on trust
  • leverage successful projects to further extend your networks and partnerships.

We also provide industry engagement training for researchers and tech transfer staff.

Innovative businesses and government

On the flipside, we help innovative businesses and government to:

  • partner with research organisations to access academic expertise, facilities and equipment
  • scout the research sector for technology and talent to strengthen your organisation.

What our clients say