About us

We are a commercialisation agency dedicated to bringing new research and technologies to market.

With a keen focus on STEM areas, we collaborate with researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses and government to turn groundbreaking ideas into market-ready solutions.

Our expert team are driven by strong values and aim to do what is best for each client by providing guidance, knowledge about the market, and hands-on help to make sure that great ideas become successful businesses.

Our team

Our team is highly qualified, experienced, skilled and efficient. We come from diverse technical and commercial backgrounds but share a can-do attitude and a commitment to high quality work that frequently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

We’ll fill your temporary or long-term resource gaps, scaling our project team to match your needs and budget. We never over-service. The joy of our flexible approach? If you like, you can access the expertise of our entire team for the cost of a single employee!

Work with us

Our core team are supported by a wide range of experts who work on a project-by-project basis.

We champion sustainable and flexible employment and have successfully operated a remote work environment for more than a decade.

We’re always interested in adding to the pool of people we can draw from, particularly those from a STEM background