Business & marketing plans

Failing to plan is planning to fail

A comprehensive business plan aligned with your commercialisation strategy will keep your team on track and maximise your chance of success. Without one, you’re extremely unlikely to win a grant or attract investors.

A marketing plan is a key part of your business plan, focused on how you will engage audiences to achieve your business objectives, with an evaluation of your tactics built in.

Plan to be SMART

Our team of commercialisation and marketing experts will rapidly assimilate your circumstances, capabilities and aspirations, and help you develop a customised business plan that’s SMART:

  • Specific – and simple, yet significant, for your business and sector
  • Measurable – to make it meaningful and motivating for potential funders/partners
  • Achievable – and agreed by all involved parties
  • Relevant – to your strategy and to funders’/partners’ intended results
  • Time-limited – and timely.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can provide expert feedback on your draft plan, develop a particular section you’re struggling with, or write your entire plan from scratch.

Generally, your business plan should include the following:

Plan to engage and motivate

Who are your target audiences? What are their constraints and drivers? What key messages do you need to deliver to them and when will delivery have the greatest impact? What’s your marketing budget? What communication channels will be most cost-effective? How will you measure the impact of your marketing activities?

We’ll assist you to answer these questions and create a customised plan that you can confidently execute, evaluate, and evolve.

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