Case study: UNSW Knowledge Exchange

Commercialisation advice and tech transfer services

The University of NSW (UNSW) Knowledge Exchange facilitates partnerships and collaborations with industry, government and communities.

When UNSW Knowledge Exchange suffered a period of short staffing, three of gemaker’s experienced technology transfer professionals provided in-house commercialisation services.

The team managed a portfolio of more than 20 invention disclosures, progressing them through patent applications, industry engagement, grant applications and prototype development.

Over six months, gemaker:

  • prevented three researchers from prematurely disclosing their patentable innovation
  • assisted with the preparation of six invention disclosures
  • prioritised disclosures to focus effort on those most likely to generate income for the university
  • conducted market research for UNSW technologies
  • identified potential customers and funders for inventions
  • developed clear messaging for UNSW technologies
  • introduced inventors to key industry contacts, and
  • prepared researchers to deliver engaging pitches.
Services provided:
Commercialisation strategyIP strategyTech transfer support