Universities need to get ‘strategic’ about strategic partnerships

It may sound like stating the obvious but strategic partnerships are meant to be ‘strategic’.  The unfortunate reality is that more often than not they are not. Universities and other research institutions increasingly extol the virtues of strategic partnerships and their potential to enhance innovation and competitiveness; to close skills gaps; and address some of […]

Survey of Australian Commercialisation Outcomes identifies a history of successes

Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) has released its third edition of the Survey of Commercialisation Outcomes from Public Research (SCOPR), detailing commercialisation results for the sector for 2021 and the previous four years. The Survey included results from 43 universities and public research institutions, making it a comprehensive review of commercialisation results for the industry. The […]

Australian research returns value six-fold

In her Keynote address at the recent Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia 2022 Conference (KCA), Professor Margaret Gardner, President and Vice Chancellor of Monash University, referenced recent Australian studies which demonstrated that for every $1.00 committed to research expenditure, over $6.00 of impact is delivered to the Australian economy. Professor Gardner said Australia should (justifiably) be proud […]

Planning for CRC Life

It’s exciting pulling together partners for CRC bids. To build a successful CRC, many actions need to be planned and implemented across four stages. These are Pre-Bid arrangements with partners Establishment issues and processes on successful bidding for a CRC On-going operational and governance issues Wind-up/legacy steps and plans after a CRC research phase gemaker […]

NSW Government 2022-23 Budget – Innovation Initiatives

After the recent release of the ambitious NSW 20-year R&D Roadmap, it has followed this up with some targeted support in the 2022-23 budget released this week. In addition to the establishment of a $703m Future Economy Fund, the NSW Government has committed some further funds that will help encourage future external funding in the […]

NSW Government commits $703m to new Future Economy Fund

As part of the 2022-23 budget, the NSW government announced the establishment of a new Future Economy Fund with a $703m commitment over the next 10 years. The Treasurer announced that the fund will be put in place to support R&D and commercialisation activities that will grow the NSW economy. Part of the funds will […]

gemaker’s submission for the Research Block Grant Reform Framework

Introduction gemaker welcomes the opportunity to provide input on the consultation paper to review   Research Block Grant Reform to boost incentives for greater University and Industry Collaboration. gemaker provides expert advice, services and training in research commercialisation and technology transfer. Our senior team members average more than 20 years’ experience in this field. Since 2011, […]

How the 2022 budget and other initiatives support innovation

Whilst innovation is key to improving Australia’s productivity and driving economic growth it has not been front-and-centre in the 2022-23 budget. However, innovation and commercialisation have not been ignored, and some welcome initiatives have been included in addition to announcements made prior to the budget. Unfortunately, some others are being quietly scrapped or put in […]

gemaker’s submission for The Higher Education Research Commercialisation IP Framework

This is gemaker’s response to Australian Government’s consultation paper on The Higher Education Research Commercialisation IP Framework, released on 20 September 2021 Our Feedback We congratulate the Australian Government for focusing attention on the vital tech transfer sector and making many good recommendations to facilitate research commercialisation. We commend the proposal to establish a HERC […]

SCOPR survey only tells part of the research commercialisation story

This week, Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia released its first Survey of Commercial Outcomes from Public Research (SCOPR). Based on data collected and analysed by gemaker from 34 Australian and 15 New Zealand universities and research organisations, SCOPR benchmarks how the research sector is currently engaging with industry to ensure research makes it out of the lab […]