Planning for CRC Life

It’s exciting pulling together partners for CRC bids.

To build a successful CRC, many actions need to be planned and implemented across four stages.

These are

  • Pre-Bid arrangements with partners
  • Establishment issues and processes on successful bidding for a CRC
  • On-going operational and governance issues
  • Wind-up/legacy steps and plans after a CRC research phase

gemaker has worked in partnership with Cooperative Research Australia to develop a checklist of matters for consideration and agreement by bidding CRC partners that should be addressed at the outset to ensure the bidding and operational process is as smooth as possible for all parties.

Whilst many points are common sense, they are easily overlooked in the hurly-burly of bid preparation. They can lead to unnecessary angst among participants at a later stage when participants have created different expectations.

You can download the CRC guidance checklist below:

Warren Bradey, author of this Insight and the Lifecycle Checklist for CRCs is a CRC veteran. Warren was previously the Managing Director and CEO of the Smart Services CRC, Executive Director of the Smart Internet CRC and Non-Executive Director for the Polymers CRC, the CRC for Radiopharmaceuticals Development and the CRC Association.

Warren Bradey (BEc, MBA and GAICD) is an experienced Senior Executive and Company Director who has led many successful Australian-based, global businesses. His 20-year executive career has included Board, CEO and senior management roles across public and private sectors in early-stage growth businesses, finance and banking, STEM research commercialisation and technology transfer. His wealth of experience includes development, capital markets, funds management, government policy, consumer data rights, health and medical services, biotechnology, and physical sciences.