What is not clear about the patent box regime

A week after delivering his 2021-22 Federal Budget Treasurer Josh Frydenberg held a doorstop interview where Cochlear CEO Dig Howitt welcomed the Budget’s proposed ‘patent box’ regime, saying it will “solidify our future in Australia” and “enable new companies to grow”. The Treasurer noted  “business is not sentimental. We know that capital is very mobile, […]

Trademarking – to do or not to do, that is the question

What is a trade mark? A trade mark is a ‘sign’ used to distinguish a good/service from similar goods/services of other traders. It could be a business name, a product brand name, a logo, a slogan or a combination of these things. It could even be a colour, shape, sound or smell. A trade mark […]

Intellectual property protection: it’s not patently obvious

So you think you’ve invented something – a new product or process? The first thing to do is hire a patent attorney to protect it, right? Maybe not… There are many ways to safeguard your intellectual property (IP) and a patent may not be a realistic option or the smartest choice. Determining an IP strategy […]

Why you should trademark your brand


Do you have a logo? A business or product name? Do you have a corporate colour scheme or visual identity that is intrinsically linked to your goods or services? For most small businesses, the answer is yes. Ask them if they’ve registered their trademarks or brand, however, and most will respond with a resounding ‘no’ […]

Making the deal: tips and tricks for successful IP licensing

While most companies will hire the services of an IP lawyer for the formal negotiation process, you can increase your advantage by getting a lawyer on board from the beginning of the licensing journey, well before it’s time to sit down and make a deal.