gemaker was engaged by KCA (Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia) to conduct the 2023 Remuneration Survey of Research Commercialisation professionals. The survey and subsequent report were designed to enable benchmarking of respondents and assist with organisational decisions regarding the development of remuneration strategies. The report also highlighted key resourcing and recruitment trends across Australia and New Zealand. […]


ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) commissioned gemaker to identify opportunities for maximising additional, alternative sources of funding for their research, commercial businesses and technology transfer activities. gemaker conducted an extensive online and literature search, as well as interviewing ANSTO staff and successful grant applicants from other research organisations.  gemaker’s subsequent, comprehensive report benchmarked […]

Heavy Ion Accelerators

gemaker ran a strategy session with the Heavy Ion Accelerators (HIA) board and prepared a strategic summary and business model canvas for their funding reporting documentation. gemaker also wrote, designed and developed a new website and supporting collateral such as flyers, factsheets, infographics, letterhead and PowerPoint presentations.

Deadly Science

gemaker facilitated a full-day planning workshop with the board to develop the three-year strategic plan. This included defining Deadly Science’s purpose, vision, mission, values, KPIs and stakeholder groups, and assessing the effectiveness of their current programs.

ANSTO Minerals

ANSTO Minerals is an international mining consultancy with world-leading expertise in uranium ore processing, rare earth process development and removal of radioactivity from ores. Strategic market advice, market research and marketing/communications for growth of ANSTO Minerals business.

The Defence Science and Technology Group

In collaboration with a Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group project team, gemaker delivered an internal strategy for engagement with small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) enabling tech transfer to meet Defence needs. The strategy was guided by gemaker’s research into local and international models for SME engagement to promote innovation, collation of available data on science-based SMEs […]


KCA (Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia) engaged gemaker to deliver a world-leading professional capabilities framework and toolkit for the Australasian technology transfer sector, with global applications. gemaker helped KCA to successfully apply for a $98,000 grant from the Professional Standards Council. The report was commended by the Chief Scientist and the Chair of the Board of Innovation Australia. […]

IP Australia

IP Australia engaged gemaker to develop engaging and informative website content for start-ups and SMEs about IP commercialisation strategy, process and legalities in the Australian context, written for the layperson, according to IP Australia’s style guide. IP Australia subsequently engaged gemaker to research and write an interactive, online training tool for researchers and PhD students […]

Data61 CSIRO

Data61, a CSIRO entity is the largest data innovation group in Australia. Offering the research capabilities, IP and collaboration programs, Data61 provides accelerated commercialisation paths for data-centric R&D and drives collaboration across industry, academia, government and the startup space. Data61 engaged gemaker to perform detailed and specific market research within the pharmaceutical market. gemaker supplied […]

CRC for Low Carbon Living

The CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) engaged gemaker in lieu of recruiting a Communications Manager. gemaker proposed an outsourced service model with a mix of skills and experience unmatched by any candidate for the role. gemaker identified and delivered other marketing communications initiatives beyond the initial scope to take advantage of opportunities as they […]