Case study: IP Australia

Commercialisation education

IP Australia engaged gemaker to develop engaging and informative website content for start-ups and SMEs about IP commercialisation strategy, process and legalities in the Australian context, written for the layperson, according to IP Australia’s style guide.

IP Australia subsequently engaged gemaker to research and write an interactive, online training tool for researchers and PhD students to help them better understand IP and commercialisation.

These two projects delivered dynamic online content to fill commercialisation knowledge gaps and help users turn their IP into a product or service.

The IP Australia Communications Team said. “We selected gemaker for this piece of work because of their extensive commercialisation expertise. We needed to engage a team that had a strong knowledge of the subject matter, they offered the added bonus of being able to provide us with advice on the best way to structure the content for the start-up and SME sector.”

Services provided: