My STEM work experience at gemaker

STEM work experience

This was probably the most interesting and educational work experience I’ve been on. Even better! Unlike other students I didn’t have to photo copy paper all day. In the beginning, I had no idea what the company gemaker really was about. I read the website, but the day to day experience was the real eye opener.

From the first day I progressed through attending client meetings, investigating potential new clients and maintenance of existing customer relationships. Some of the customers have amazing products and the people working in these companies lead really interesting careers. Each day I began to better understand how gemaker helps their customers communicate to market their innovations in many different fields.

Who Is gemaker?

I’ve learnt that gemaker is a company that connects and helps the market and science/small businesses to grow by understanding what they require and help them with their expertise and services. For a student this appeared to be a lot to take in! Gemaker is the connection between the science and market worlds, and they are there to help, guide and communicate each other’s needs and wants.

What did I get up to?

Initially, I got a call from Natalie stating that she works start up hours. This meant beginning her work day early in the mornings with very long days. I found this gave me the best work life experience.

I was a part of the researcher’s pitches at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). I gained firsthand experience observing them present their research and their knowledge to me. Afterwards, we were invited to provide feedback to help them improve their presentation style. Looking back I learnt a lot. I was impressed that Gemaker had created this program to specifically help researchers communicate to the market and help/guide the researchers towards specific needs the markets are looking for. This program helped the researchers communicate a pitch towards a certain industry. The other researchers and myself were playing the role of the industry that they were targeting and giving feedback to help them improve for a real life pitch.

I was very interested in why Natalie started this company. She explained to me that she had been doing research in past jobs helping people and then decided to make the company. But the other reason behind all this was that she has had experience with being a female in the work force. How some people don’t hire you just because you are female.

As a woman, you can be treated differently because you are a woman in the workforce. I asked Natalie why this was so. She impressed upon me that companies do not want to train someone for the job, then that employee leaves for a year if and when they become pregnant. I see both sides and understand why they say that, but I do not agree.

Natalie started gemaker to provide better opportunities for women in the work force by providing employment opportunities to professional degree qualified women seeking fulfilling work on a part-time basis that suits their needs as mothers. Natalie stands up and accepts these women and their available time. She accepts flexible hours and understands that it’s hard being a mother and a working woman. “It doesn’t matter how you get the job done, as long as you deliver the client’s brief on time. Natalie values your contribution, personal responsibility, productivity, knowledge and experience. It doesn’t matter to Natalie if your child has a dance rehearsal that you want to watch or an orientation day, as long as the work is done.

What does gemaker do?

Scientists/researchers need to sell their ideas and solutions, but sometimes the market doesn’t want what they are experimenting on. What gemaker does is point the scientists and researchers to better direct their research towards companies that are looking for what they are researching. Also, if companies are trying to find someone that could research and help the company grow gemaker is the connection and helps the company find someone suitable. gemaker is there too guide and connect the researchers and people in the market industry. So in other words, gemaker connects and helps the market to science and small businesses to communicate what they want and what to give and help them grow.

Overall what did I learn?

Well, school is defiantly better… and I will never complain about school hours again! There is a lot of pressure in the real world and you have to juggle everything at once. Everyone around you knows the work life and they all want to improve just as much as you do. I also learnt how meetings work and how it is your responsibility to be there on time or even beforehand. Companies handle things very professionally, which brings people closer together. I think I don’t want to grow up for a long time, but sadly I know my time is coming. I’m glad I’ve had this experience, it will definitely help me in my future.

Article written by Isabella, year 10 work experience student