Discovering the business behind a good idea


My name is Erinn Watts and after recently completing my HSC, I had the opportunity to do work experience at Gemaker. Gemaker is a commercialisation and marketing intelligence consultancy that helps companies to transforms ideas into products for the commercial market.

As someone who is looking to possibly enter the field of medical research, my time with Gemaker was extremely valuable in providing me with knowledge about the process of commercialising new technologies and products. I also learnt about the legal steps involved in protecting ideas/intellectual property (IP) through copyrights, patents and trademarks, as well as receiving funding (i.e. tenders). This knowledge was further reinforced through practical experience with two client companies I was able to visit. The first company was being filmed for a television series at their warehouse in which I learnt about how they have turned their idea into an important product for our world. I also observed the marketing aspect through the production of this television program and better understood the differences that exist between the regulations of countries which in turn affects the sale of the product. Attending an AGM of the second company gave me further insight into the business operations of an organisation.

I appreciated the opportunity to observe and learn about the business and marketing aspects of bringing new products to market.