Australian Technology Transfer Professionals asked to participate in self-assessment survey

The team at gemaker is currently working with Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) on a research project funded by the Professional Standards Councils (PSC).

The aim of this research is to define clear capabilities for positions within the Technology Transfer Industry by identifying the skills, knowledge, behaviour and values (competencies) that Technology Transfer Professionals (TTPs) in universities and public research agencies require to successfully commercialise research.

A series of workshops were held with TTPs across Australia during May and June. The results of these workshops have been used to formulate a draft competency framework that outlines The Competencies required to perform the activities across the three career levels (Early Career, Mid Career and Senior) within the industry.

To test the matrix and better understand what other elements may need to be included gemaker and KCA request that TTPs throughout Australia participate in a self-assessment survey.

This self-assessment is designed to identify and measure individual capabilities within this sector, allowing us to collectively identify the competencies required to bring innovations in Australia to market.

This framework is a tool for the community to provide;

  • Career pathways – entry and exit points
  • Determine professional development and education opportunities and how KCA can support these.
  • Identify individual /team/department resource requirements
  • Better understand industry’s expectation of TTPs
  • Opportunity to contribute to the professionalisation of our sector
  • Determine criteria for recruitment and professional development.

Participation will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

To take part in the survey, click here.

A summary of the results of the outcome of this project will be shared with those who participated in this survey. Individuals and their responses will not be identified.