#AUSinnovates Launch – So what’s innovation doing for us anyway?

A new social media campaign launching today aims to turn the talk about Australia’s R&D commercialisation on its head by celebrating and highlighting their marketplace success. The #AUSinnovates campaign is the brainchild of gemaker, an award-winning science and technology commercialisation consultancy.

‘We’ve heard it too many times: Australian research and innovation is world-class, but as a nation, we lag behind on commercialising new knowledge and technology,’ says Natalie Chapman, gemaker’s Managing Director.

‘We’re tired of negativity that fails to inspire change. We want to change the conversation, to celebrate and learn from our successes.’ Australian researchers and innovators are changing our lives for the better, by creating new industries and jobs, enhancing our health and education and making the world safer,’ says Ms Chapman.

The #AUSinnovates campaign harnesses the power of social media and collaborations to find and share commercialisation success stories, their applications and benefits from research organisations and innovative companies around Australia.

#AUSinnovates was inspired by the positive #CelebratingWomen campaign of 2017 and Bill Gates’ positive focus in his co-editing of Time magazine ‘The optimists’ in 2018.

We know how rocky the road to commercial success can be, and how long it can take for smart thinking, hard work and perseverance to be rewarded,’ Ms Chapman says.

Some of the first innovations are:

  • iCetana: Artificial intelligence alerts overloaded security guards to danger
  • Stormseal:  A smarter, shrinking tarpaulin protects storm-damaged properties
  • Indee Labs: Faster, cheaper gene delivery makes cancer treatment more accessible
  • 360dgrees: Virtual reality from ordinary video: do it yourself
  • PERKii: Armour-plated probiotics last longer, taste better, promote gut health

‘The ultimate aim of #AUSinnovates is to inspire innovation and grow new and improved industries on which Australia’s future wellbeing depends.’

‘We hope everyone – media, government, industry and the wider community – will help to spread the good news stories from #AUSinnovates far and wide as they come to appreciate the world is a better place because of these innovators.

Australia’s future depends on it.

We encourage you to nominate a successful Australian innovation at ausinnovates.com.au/nominate.