ATTP registration a step up for tech transfer professionals

gemaker’s Commercial Director Athena Prib received accreditation from the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP), an international organisation committed to excellence within the field of technology transfer. As a registered technology transfer professional (RTTP), Athena has now been officially recognised by her peers for her professional expertise.

While only a few years old, the ATTP is creating a global standard for technology transfer expertise across a variety of sectors, building an international network of tech transfer professionals and delivering professional credibility to those achieve accreditation. The ATTP is the only organisation providing professional accreditation with the tech transfer field, making it both a novel and incredibly valuable organisation for people seeking a formal recognition of their expertise.

RTTPs must possess extensive experience in research and development environments; be accomplished in identifying R&D opportunities, products and partners; and must be able to demonstrate excellence in deal negotiation. There are currently around 200 RTTPs around the world, predominantly in the USA, the UK, Australia, China and Europe. To obtain accreditation, candidates must pursue one of three routes to registration, with Routes 1 and 2 requiring additional case study documentation that demonstrates competence in the context of a specific project or deal:

  • Route 1: Accrual of 60 continuing professional education (CPE) points from a recognised technology transfer education provider.
  • Route 2: Relevant education in technology transfer or related field.
  • Route 3: A significant track record in the technology transfer workforce.

The application process is intended to both educate and challenge candidates in the development of their knowledge and skills, building a workforce of credible tech transfer professionals who work to uniformly high standards. For clients, such as universities, start-ups and other organisations seeking tech transfer expertise, the RTTP qualification provides an international guarantee of competence.

As well as being a newly-minted RTTP, Athena is also the current chair of the organisation’s marketing committee, a role she has held for over two years. She is committed to promotion of the ATTP and the myriad benefits it offers, not only to tech transfer professionals around the world, but also to the industries and organisations requiring their services.

ATTP Certificate