10+1: Celebrating in person with cupcakes

It’s been a strange few roller coaster years.

Lockdowns, uncertainty, Covid fatigue.

When was it going to end? And more importantly, was Covid going to scuttle our birthday plans again?

Not this time. gemaker is 11 years old. It’s a huge achievement, and we wanted to acknowledge and celebrate that by getting together an eclectic mix of team members, supporters and clients to thank them.

People like us, from industry, research and government, all working to build new industries in Australia from awesome Australian ideas.

It was touch and go if we could go ahead as a new Covid variant reared its untimely head in early November.

This time, it was lucky number 11, and we celebrated our 10 plus one. With cupcakes!

Cicada Innovations was the perfect backdrop to bring everyone up to speed about what gemaker had achieved over the last 10 years. Watch a 2 min video snippet of our day below.

Corrie McLeod, publisher of InnovationAus graciously gave the keynote speech, sharing her insights into how the independent publisher came to life, its purpose and how organisations can get in touch to share their latest news.

There was some more networking and professional profile shots then it was time for professional development with our media expert Ernestine delivering an engaging, interactive presentation session.

Our mission from day one has always been to accelerate the commercialisation of Australian research to build industries here — creating jobs, and growing our economy, products and services in Australia.

Significant work and achievements

Over the last 11 years, we’ve helped approx 88 Research organisations, 45 companies, and 11 government agencies and influencers with commercialisation and/or marketing. Highlights for us in the last year include;

  • Provided strategic advice and prepared a successful application for $23m funding for the Australian Precision Medicine Enterprise (APME)
  • Acted as the outsourced commercialisation/technology transfer arm for five research organisations across Australia

Covid and the other side

In COVID, we focused on staying in business by helping our staff get through it and also helping our customers and suppliers stay in business.

We were already remote working so we taught some of our clients how to do it.

So where to from here?

Nationally recognised as the go-to commercialisation adviser to heads of government, industry and research.

Make a significant difference in areas that impact people and our planet, emphasising precision medicine, technologies that reduce carbon emissions, critical minerals, and securing our food supplies.

And one of our long-term goals is to explore innovative ways for new growth businesses to access capital to support their plans.