Is your business ready for Covid-19?


Australia is bracing for probable Covid-19 outbreaks which can heavily impact businesses if workers or their families become sick or if schools send children home for any length of time. Events will get cancelled and people will stop going out. At this point, you want to be proudly dusting off your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) […]

Celebrating 5 years with lessons learnt!

Each phase is a learning experience, with new challenges and financial risk. We are on a steep growth trajectory, which causes some pain, but also brings plenty of opportunity and excitement.

App deal-breaker for small charities

It’s only a dollar, it barely makes a dent in your wallet. But these types of fundraising activities can raise thousands of dollars in just one day, and make a huge difference.

iAccelerate my pitch

I enjoy watching entrepreneurs passionately pitch their business ideas, there is always something to learn from them in what makes the perfect pitch and there are some that I think are worth gemaker investing time and/or money into.

The not-so-terrible twos

Below, I’ve picked out a few key things that I learnt over the course of this last year. These are the things that really struck me as being important parts of the start-up journey.