Does my business really need professional photos?

With smartphones now offering a suite of “high quality” cameras, filters and editing options, many businesses are wondering if they can avoid the cost of a professional photographer, and just take the photos themselves. To better understand the role of professional photography in building your reputation, we interviewed Paul Robbins – a renowned Sydney-based photographer […]

Presentation Training Insights

It started with heart palpitations. Then, clammy hands and cold feet. The last thing I remember is feeling light-headed, before collapsing on the studio floor. During my first weekend presenting on metropolitan television, I fainted. Not once, but twice. (Foolishly, I agreed to come back to present the weather segment a second night, after this […]

You can’t commercialise your tech unless you communicate it

As a marketing communicator working in tech transfer, I frequently encounter STEM researchers and innovators who initially express scepticism about the value of my services. I strive to win them over, because (a) it’s a living and (b) they need my help, even if they don’t know it yet.

How to get the most out of attending an expo

Make your next expo visit a successful one with our expert tips. Spoiler alert: Most of the work happens before you arrive. Before you go Before booking an expo, do your homework and check it’s right for you. If you have an ideal customer you want to target, find the best event to meet them. […]

Marketing makes or breaks commercialisation; don’t make these mistakes

Unfortunately, many STEM innovators underestimate the importance of marketing. I’m frequently contacted by research organisations or innovative businesses seeking to commercialise new knowledge or technology, who are suffering the consequences of an inadequate or non-existent marketing strategy. I always wish they’d asked for assistance earlier – before they made costly errors I could have helped […]

Trademarking – to do or not to do, that is the question

What is a trade mark? A trade mark is a ‘sign’ used to distinguish a good/service from similar goods/services of other traders. It could be a business name, a product brand name, a logo, a slogan or a combination of these things. It could even be a colour, shape, sound or smell. A trade mark […]

The Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing – Part 2

In Part 1 of our Digital Marketing Guide, we covered the components of a strong digital marketing foundation: a website, social media, great content and search engine optimisation (SEO). In Part 2, we discuss how you can support your marketing efforts with paid advertising to amplify engagement with your customers and drive more traffic to your website. 

The Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing – Part 1

We live in an increasingly digital world. If you want to get your ideas, products and services out into the marketplace it’s important that you’re able to engage with your audience online. Our guide explains some key components of digital marketing, and how they can fit together to help boost your business. 1. Website Your […]