Time for a rethink on government tenders and SMEs 

Natalie Chapman

Winning a government tender can be life-changing for an Australian small business. But a perfect storm of conditions, including of a crackdown on badly behaved large consulting firms, means skilled government contractors and consultants are now being replaced with in-house generalists. This not only means government projects miss out on niche expertise, but many small […]

gemaker’s submission to the Productivity Commission’s 5-yearly Inquiry into Australia’s Productivity Performance

Introduction The gemaker team welcomes the opportunity to examine key drivers of national productivity and submit our suggestions for consideration in the Commission’s 5-yearly report to the Treasurer. gemaker Pty Ltd provides expert advice, services and training in research commercialisation and technology transfer. Our senior team members average more than 20 years’ experience in this […]

A better world through education, unity and action

Climate Action Australia

As a country, we are in the unfortunate position of witnessing first-hand what climate change is doing to our home, plants and animals. If we continue with ‘business as usual’ we are condemning our children and children around the world to a future with more severe and devastating storms, food shortages as the plants and […]

Notes from Science Meets Business

This year’s Science Meets Business conference was an inspirational mix of policy, practice and promotion aimed at researchers, policy makers and industry partners. Policy There were four presentations from business and political leaders, discussing the present state of Australia’s innovation system, its future challenges and global performance.  While more needs to be done, there is […]

A Growth Centre by any other name…

According to Department statistics, Australia ranks poorly in regards to overall competitiveness and only places 23 out of 25 OECD countries for business collaborating on innovation and last for business/research collaborations.