Seafood Innovation Fund

The NSW Government is offering low interest loans up to $500,000 to assist commercial fishers and aquaculture farmers to identify and address risks to their business, improve permanent assets and infrastructure, ensure long term productivity and sustainable use of the marine, estuarine and land-based environment.

Bio 10x – UNSW

The Bio 10x accelerator is uniquely designed for founders with a deep understanding of biology, providing them with the crucial resources they need to turn groundbreaking ideas into market ready solutions.

Defence 10x – UNSW

Bridging the gap between startups and the Defence sector, this program is designed not just to impart basic skills, but to deeply engage with the intricacies of Defence innovation, providing founders with the knowledge and strategies they need to build successful, impactful business.

Climate 10x – UNSW

Climate 10x is specifically focused on fast-tracking the business growth of climate tech start-ups, whose innovation has a significant impact on emissions reduction, improves the resilience and adaptability of existing infrastructure, allows for a faster transition to renewable energy sources or grows the circular economy. As part of the Climate 10x Accelerator, UNSW & Virescent Ventures […]

TechVouchers NSW

Matched funding to develop activities that enable better translation of world-class research into business performance. Funds help SMEs collaborate with a research partner from the Boosting Business Innovation Program (BBIP).

NSW Boosting Business Innovation Program

$11M has been allocated over 4 years to connect NSW-based SMEs with research organisations to fast-track idea development and accelerate the rate of innovation. The program includes $3.85M in TechVoucher grants.

Natural Hazards Technology Program

Involves NSW Government agencies posing challenges to address current gaps in responding to, managing and recovering from natural hazards. There is also a ‘big ideas’ stream to help identify future technology capabilities. The potential partner agencies include NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), State Emergency Services (SES), NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Forestry Corp, Reconstruction Authority, […]

Drought Ready and Resilient Fund

Low-interest loans of up to $250,000 are available to primary producers in NSW to fund a broad range of products, activities and services aimed at improving drought preparedness and climate variability resilience.