NSW Boosting Business Innovation Program

$11M has been allocated over 4 years to connect NSW-based SMEs with research organisations to fast-track idea development and accelerate the rate of innovation. The program includes $3.85M in TechVoucher grants.

2024 Inspiring WA STEM Grant

Grants for organisations wishing to deliver STEM engagement activities and initiatives in Western Australia which can promote the contributions of, or engage, historically under-represented groups in STEM.

Maitri Research Grants Program 2024

Opportunities exist for: co-investment in Australia and India, commercialised knowledge sharing and joint efforts to capture value chains and target markets in Australia, India and third markets. The Maitri Research Grants two streams include: promoting new forms of industry collaboration, and accelerated commercialisation of research. 

Main Sequence (CSIRO Innovation Fund)

Funds companies that solve one or more of these challenge areas: Enable the Next Intelligence Leap; Decarbonise the Planet; Supercharge Industrial Productivity; Reach Humanity Scale Healthcare; Bridge the Gap to Space; Feed 10 Billion People.

Business Growth Fund (QLD)

 Targets high-growth businesses who can accelerate growth, drive the Queensland economy and employ more Queenslanders. 

Emissions Reduction Fund

Provides businesses with the opportunity to earn Australian carbon credit units for every tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent a business stores or avoids emitting through adopting new practices and technologies.

Rural Economic Development Grants

Funds projects which provide unique opportunities to generate economic and employment opportunities related to primary production value chains across rural and remote Queensland