CivVic Labs

Challenge-based pre-accelerator program by LaunchVic that connects aspiring and early-stage startup founders to government to solve public sector challenges.

Critical Technologies Challenge Program Round 1

Provides joint (consortia) collaborations with funding to develop solutions or components that use quantum technologies to solve challenges of national significance. Consortia shoud include at least one Australian industry-based partner and one Australian research organisation.

Open Innovation Competition 2024: Melbourne

The Open Innovation Competition is the City of Melbourne’s yearly challenge to solve a city issue. In 2024, the challenge is “how might we accelerate Melbourne’s transition to a zero-carbon city by innovating in climate and clean technologies while creating new job opportunities and empowering businesses and communities?”

XPRIZE Water Scarcity

5-year global competition designed to drive widespread access to clean water by creating reliable, sustainable, and affordable seawater desalination systems. Registration deadline for Track A – The New Desalination System will close April 30, 2025 and registration for Track B – Novel Membrane Materials will close February 28, 2025.

Main Sequence (CSIRO Innovation Fund)

Funds companies that solve one or more of these challenge areas: Enable the Next Intelligence Leap; Decarbonise the Planet; Supercharge Industrial Productivity; Reach Humanity Scale Healthcare; Bridge the Gap to Space; Feed 10 Billion People.

Natural Hazards Technology Program

Involves NSW Government agencies posing challenges to address current gaps in responding to, managing and recovering from natural hazards. There is also a ‘big ideas’ stream to help identify future technology capabilities. The potential partner agencies include NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), State Emergency Services (SES), NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Forestry Corp, Reconstruction Authority, […]

Beanstalk Drought Venture Studio

The Future Drought Fund has invested $10 million in a two-year pilot initiative aimed at enhancing the commercial availability of drought resilience products and services for Australian food and fibre producers.  Opens March 2024.