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Industry Engagement Training

gemaker has run a range of research industry engagement workshops at universities and other research organisations across Australia.

Our workshops and online sessions train researchers to:

  • identify industry needs – and design research to meet them
  • find stakeholders and potential partners – in industry and government
  • demonstrate their research value – with compelling grant applications and pitches
  • adapt their communication style – for businesspeople or politicians
  • grow their network and profile – by harnessing social media
  • build lasting relationships – based on trust and mutual benefit

“This has truly been transformational. I have honed my skills to better represent myself, my research team and the university. I have since engaged with two potential collaborators and was more confident and skilled, with successful outcomes on both counts. Having attended a number of workshops, this one stands out as having immediate effect – I only wish I could have done it sooner!”

PhD student, University of Tasmania

“This is one of the best sessions I’ve attended. The instructor was very balanced in the information and advice she gave. It was also refreshing to hear about working with/in industry without academia being ‘put down’ as a career choice at the same time.”

HDR Student, Monash

The pitch session was very valuable pointed out things I wasn’t aware of and I will benefit from immensely. Very great workshop even for those with some experience in the area.

Researcher, IHMRI
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Research industry engagement