AgXelerate Program – AgriFutures

The AgXelerate Program consists of two cohorts, addressing different Technology Readiness Levels (TRL). The first cohort focuses on TRL 1-5, while the second cohort centers around TRL 5-9. These cohorts run simultaneously, maximising the learning and growth opportunities for participants. The program connects startups directly with producers through field trips and industry connections, fostering collaboration […]


Atomic Sky helps corporates, government, entrepreneurs and researchers achieve positive change through strategic, agile innovation. Provide entrepreneur, early stage startup founders, and entrepreneurs in the growth stage with all the support they need to take their innovative products to the next level. Run two programs, QuantumTX and Start Something.


25fifteen uses its execution experience, capital, and relationships to build valuable businesses that matter. Most businesses we work on start as internal projects. From time to time co-found projects with people and organisations who share our philosophy.