Our team

David Lind

Senior Commercialisation Manager
BSc Hons (Chemistry), Grad. Dip (Marketing)

David is a senior innovation leader with more than thirty years’ experience in the conduct and management of research, business development, commercialisation, strategic market planning and marketing.

David has held senior innovation management roles across Asia and globally for multinationals such as Akzo Nobel and Dow Corning, smaller domestic high-growth companies, start-ups, and the publicly funded research sector in Australia. He was the CEO for both a CRC (Grain Foods CRC) and an RRDC (AMPC) and Director of Business Development and Commercialisation for both CSIRO and the University of Adelaide. He has in-depth knowledge of the national innovation system.

Expertise includes company management, the development of strategies and processes that link market opportunities with the benefits of new technologies and products, the implementation of business, commercialisation and marketing plans, national and international business development, and the management of intellectual property.

David is available to support businesses and research organisations through improved organisational effectiveness, targeted business development and commercialisation activities. With a strong understanding of the operational needs of both business and research organisations he is keen to support effective partnership development between these sectors. David has a BSc. Hons (Chemistry) and Grad. Dip (Marketing).